First ICE-ARC fieldwork gets under way in NW Greenland

Steffan Olsen and colleagues from the Danish Meteorological Institute are Working on ice with Inuit hunters for observing ocean and sea-ice in the Arctic

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Researchers from the Danish Meteorological Institute profile the water column and install instruments to measure the variability in ocean currents and sea-ice surface properties as part of the ICE-Arc climate research project. Data serve to build a better understanding of the ocean processes maintaining the layering in the water column partly inhibiting warm water from below to reach to the sea-ice.

The region studied is hunting grounds for the village of Qaanaaq in NW Greenland with it traditional Inuit culture which relies on the fast ice for transport and hunting. | Photo: Steffen M. Olsen, Danish Meteorological Institute. #oceanography #sea-ice #dog sled #Inuit #Qaanaaq

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