ICE-ARC Data Portal


There are two locations of ICE-ARC data:


These pages are the access to the data from the marine instruments from the Observations work package (WP1). Data are transmitted in near-real time from remote platforms, and sent to BAS, and are available here.


Other data from the other work packages can be viewed via the ICE-ARC archive repository – also held at BAS. Please contact for access or further information on the datasets held, and we’ll put you in touch with the relevant people.


ICE-ARC observational platform (buoys etc) data are available fromĀ

The below is an example image of the buoys that have been deployed under the ONR-MIZ project and ICE-ARC, as of January 2015. These interactive maps, once available, will allow direct access to data from each of the buoys and platforms.

map ONR deployment 22nd Jan 2015


Coming soon!