Summer Buoy Deployments

IAOOS pic1

The ICE-ARC team deploying a IAOOS platform in July 2015 (Icebreaker Araon in the background).

By Christine Provost, Senior Marine Scientist, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)

ICE-ARC scientists participated to two summer
campaigns on board icebreakers to deploy autonomous instruments. One cruise was operated by the Korea Polar Research Institute
(KOPRI) on the Korean icebreaker Araon in July (Nome-Barrow), the second was the Transarc II cruise operated by the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) on board the German icebreaker Polarstern (Tromso August 15- Bremerhaven October 15).

On board the three-week long Araon cruise, the ICE-ARC team comprised Zoe Koenig (UPMC, LOCEAN), Vincent Mariage (UPMC, LATMOS) and Raphael Sitjar (CSIC). Two IMBs – Ice Mass Balance Buoys from British Antarctic Survey (BAS), one  SATICE buoy from CSIC and two IAOOS platforms from UPMC were deployed. Phil Hwang from Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (SAMS) contributed to the success of the deployments.

Nicolas Villacieros (UPMC-LOCEAN) and Jean-Philippe Savy (CNRS-LEGOS) comprised the ICE-ARC team on board the nine-week long Polarstern cruise. They contributed to the hydrographic shifts of the Transarc II program and deployed four IAOOS platforms, two IMBs from BAS and one SATICE buoy from CSIC. Help from Sergey Pisarev (Shirshov Institute) is warmly acknowledged.

Read a blog describing the TRANSARC program here:

IAOOS pic2

Nicolas and Jean-Philippe after having deployed a SATICE buoy (to the left) and a IAOOS platform (to the right). (Icebreaker Polarstern in the background)

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