Transport caravan moving to the study area (Photo: I. Semiletov)

Field work update: Methane and subsea permafrost studies in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf

Igor Semiletov and Natalia Shakhova of Arctic Marine Exploration, Russia, have recently completed the first phase of their field work in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, looking at methane escaping from submarine permafrost. They carried out a 24-day expedition, using a transport caravan, to the Laptev Sea. The main goal was to obtain new data for determining… Read more »

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Arctic Science Summit Week 2014

We have given three talks and two posters introducing ICE-ARC at the ASSW2014 in Helsinki this week. Kathy Law and Naja Mikkelsen have given talks at IASC working groups, Elaina Ford at the YOPP (Year of Polar Prediction) workshop with general introductions to the people involved in the project and what our aims are and… Read more »

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IPCC report released on impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability

The IPCC have published the “summary for Policymakers” of the Working Group II contribution to the Fifth Assessment Report   The report concludes that responding to climate change involves making choices about risks in a changing world. The nature of the risks of climate change is increasingly clear, though climate change will also continue… Read more »

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DMI researcher Steffan Olsen working on ice with Inuit hunters for observing ocean and sea-ice in the Arctic

First ICE-ARC fieldwork gets under way in NW Greenland

Steffan Olsen and colleagues from the Danish Meteorological Institute are Working on ice with Inuit hunters for observing ocean and sea-ice in the Arctic #Arctic #Greenland #ICEARCEU #Climate Researchers from the Danish Meteorological Institute profile the water column and install instruments to measure the variability in ocean currents and sea-ice surface properties as part of… Read more »

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Stern review

PhD post on economic impact of Arctic change

PhD Studentship BAS has funding for a studentship in the following topic in 2014 Understanding the global economic impact of Arctic marine change   Supervisors: Jeremy Wilkinson, John King (Primary supervisor at BAS) Peter Wadhams, Chris Hope (Main supervisors at University of Cambridge)   Project: The Arctic system is in a state of accelerated change…. Read more »

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New European project investigating Arctic sea-ice cover

News release   New European project investigating Arctic sea-ice cover NR 2014-01 On Thursday 13th February, an exciting new project, funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme, is holding its inaugural meeting in Brussels. ICE-ARC (Ice, Climate, Economics – Arctic Research on Change) will examine and understand the current and future changes in Arctic… Read more »

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Jobs: position available at Norwegian Meteorological Institute

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Tromsø has an immediate opening for a 2-year position, with a possibility for extension to a permanent position, as Researcher within the Ice Service. The position is associated with the European Commission 7th Framework project “Ice, Climate, and Economics – Arctic Research on Change” (ICE-ARC) and the analysis of passive… Read more »

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